What is the S7 doing now?

Volunteer Coordinator, Lawrence Davis, shares the mission for 2016

  • Introducing the new community program for 2016, Aquatic Kids, a financial literacy for 8-12 year old youths in southeast DC--featuring fish!
  • Strategizing on the issue of Statehood for the residents of the District of Columbia with the proponents for DC Statehood including The DC Statehood Green Party, Democrats for Diversity and Stand Up! For Democracy
  • Since 2013, working with our partner, Safe Streets Arts Foundation, promoting prisoner art!
  • Since 2013, fiscally sponsoring the new WOOK-LPFM radio station...amplifying the "unheard" voices of residents of the District of Columbia...
  • Pushing the DC Council by Testifying and Advocating for an overdue Living Wage in the "Fight for $15" for DC workers in 2016
  • Celebrating rich 16-year history with new "S7 Flashback" videos on YouTube
  • Lobbying and supporting the Returning Citizens Inclusion Act of 2010 in Washignton, DC to end employment discrimination by expanding "Ban the Box" legislation on job applications
  • Organizing and Lobbying to pass the bills HR 2449 The Fresh Start Act of 2011 and HR 2065 The Second Chance For Ex- Offender Act Of 2011 into law
  • Standing firm in opposition and protest to the Wal-Marts in Washington, DC, that pay low wages and deny the right-to-organize (also watch the current Wal-Mart appeal to the Supreme Court)
  • Enforcement of the First Source Act, which requires government contractors to employ a certain number of DC residents for each project.
  • Introducing the social change community to our new Board members for the 2016-17 term

Sincere Seven introduces our new community partner, Aquatic Kids, headed by James Jones

WOOK-LPfm: Creating Our Own Media

The Sincere Seven is proud to serve as the fiscal sponsor for the new WOOK-LP project! 103.1fm will be the frequency for truly community-based radio broadcasting...the plan is to train, cultivate and give voice to community residents who want to see empowerment of the underserved. WOOK-LP was granted an FCC braodcasting license in May of 2014, and granted it's permit to broadcast in August of the same year. With on-air programmers in place and moving into a new northwest DC home, broadcasting on the FM airwaves is a reality for the "unheard voices" of DC!

Standing with the Hands-Up Coalition

The Sincere Seven is compiling evidence and creating short reports on the struggles of poor people in hopes that these anectodotal incidences of police brutality will drive those in authority to make legislative changes for the sake of police accountability, constitutional protections, human rights and public safety.

See S7's contribution to the compilation of racially-motivated violence and incidences of police brutaility at the Stop Attacking Black Men website...

Camcord Troopers Rememberance

The Sincere Seven is celebrating the 12 years since Perry Redd introduced the concept of "Camcord Troopers" to Knoxville, Tennessee in light of a string of deaths of Black men at the hands of police. The ensuing debate lead to attacks from police entities, including the Fraternal Order of Police, against the project in Knoxville over a citizen's right to videorecord police performing their duties.

Working hand-in-hand with the community group Citizens for Police Review, S7 along with members of the east Knoxville community battled in the press for the right to hold the police accountable. In 2012, the Courts of Appeals for the First and Seventh Circuits have wisely found that the Constitution protects the right to videotape police officers while they perform official duties. We said it a long time ago. This validates our work.

We have to continue to exercise this constitutionally-protected right to videorecord the police in their duties...because we know how dishonorably those in authority can act--when no one is watching...

View more videos at:

Tellin' the Truth
Years ago, S7 member Terry Taylor coined the phrase "Tellin' the Truth" was imperative that people in our community be honest about their condition and use the power of the people to inform the overarching community in order to win change. That tradition remains a stalwart of S7's principles in 2014. Perry Redd did just that on the Robert Wesley Branch radio show when he shared the struggle after his release from federal prison for a wrongful conviction

Through education from reading, labor consultants, labor union representatives and networking, the Sincere Seven gained enough knowledge to oragnize a labor drive to unionize in their workplace. Perry Redd, Terry Taylor and Theresa Reed filed charges with the State of Tennessee Human Rights Commission (THRC) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Reed and Redd were still employees of the company when they filed these discrimination charges. Along with International Representative, Dave McIlwaine of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, the struggle to unionize was on.

The Sincere Seven sponsored the first "Rally for Rights" in front of the American Book Company. The company was dismayed and sent it's employees out of back doors. Confrontation ensued.

The oppressive employer fought back by hiring the highest-priced, labor busting lawyers in the country. Instead of paying fair wages, as the predominantly African-American laborers asked, 8 days before Christmas, 1999, the comapny paid the lawyers well over $100 per hour and fired the employees. 17 workers were fired by ABC and the company made it virtually impossible for those employees to collect unemployment compensation from the State of Tennessee under the guise of seasonal lay-offs (which the comapny quoted to Knoxville's local press, WVLT cahnnel 8), but conveyed to the State unemploment office that the employees were fired. Theresa Reed of the S7 was one of those fired.

Perry Redd filed charges under the National Labor Relations Act and the American Book Company/PW Books/Publisher's Warehouse awarded him (not to Perry's satisfaction) a cash settlement for only back wages. The S7 learned how unfair, even our government can be when it comes to making a wrong, right.

The election was held for a union in March of 2000 and the company won with employee bribes and pay raises right before the date of balloting. The remaining employees had the power, but worked in fear. Eventually, the company won the vote.

Now the company has fired the majority of the employees who turned against the Sincere Seven. The company ended up giving a semblence of health benifits and every remaining employee recieved at least a $1.25 raise due to the efforts of the Sincere Seven.

Subsequent Martin Luther King Day parades in Knoxville saw ABC/PW participating and giving their employees a PAID day off!!! Since setting up shop in Knoxville, the company had never done that--so the work of the S7 paid off for the employees that were left...another S7 victory!

That fight led to the production of a cable access television show, Knoxville's "Workplace Talk" where the Sincere Seven educated and informed it's community about workplace law and workplace injustice. The S7 is evidence that overcoming oppression can lead to self-empowerment.

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S7's 501(c)(3) Affirmation

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